Unforgettable corporate and group events in Seefeld

Look no further for your reliable partner in planning and organising events for groups and companies. Discover a wide range of exciting events both summer and winter – guaranteeing some great memories.

Brace yourself for an exciting winter full of activities like ski races, tobogganing with a cosy evening in a mountain hut, torchlight hikes, curling, snow golf tournaments and snow-shoe hikes. 

Discover the great activities we offer during the summer. Experience the Seefeld Golf Academy and take your golf skills to the next level. Or how about a crossgolf or mountain golf event? 

Ski race

Are you interested in hosting a ski race for your company or event in Seefeld? We are excited to help you out! Leave it to us to reserve the race track, handle the preparation and execution of the race, provide electronic timing and conduct a professional analysis of your event. The analysis can be customised to suit your specific requirements, for instance: class rankings for both men and women, handicap time, average time, difference from your estimated time, team rankings, and much more.

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We would love to arrange a team event for you in a sociable setting, during the day or in the evening. After a brief explanation from our guides, we'll let the stones glide over the ice. We can adapt the game formats according to the group size, and if you'd like, we'll treat the participants to a shot of schnapps or a cup of mulled wine.

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Winter Fun Olympics

The perfect team-building event for groups of all sizes. Get ready to have fun, showcase your skills, unleash your competitive drive and foster team unity at our exciting "Olympics" programme.

Take your pick from our wide range of modules and we will create a tailored offer for you, with the option of catering if desired.

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Snow golf tournaments

An extraordinary winter experience for groups of all sizes. Experience a real golf tournament on our specially prepared snowy course. This event is open to both seasoned golfers and those new to the game. The design of the holes is tailored to suit the number of participants and weather conditions. We can arrange tournaments in a variety of formats on up to 9 holes. Our package covers golf introduction for newbies, tournament organisation, rental golf clubs and winter golf balls.

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Torchlight hikes

A night hike like no other!

Our torchlight hike offers the perfect alternative to your usual walking excursion. Explore the deep snow-covered forests of the Olympia region on foot, guided by torchlight. Let us take you on a magical journey through the night, safely guided by one of our hiking guides. As you walk through the snowy landscape, we can arrange a special drink for you, or you can continue your adventure with an unforgettable experience at a traditional Tyrolean mountain hut – you’re the boss.

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Snow-shoe hiking

Experience the magic of exploring untouched winter scenery in the Seefeld area – Tyrol's elevated plateau – on one of our guided tours. More and more people are falling in love with snow-shoeing. With snow-shoes, we venture off the beaten path and carve our own unforgettable trails through the region. Our workshop kicks off by introducing the proper technique and track-making system when snow-shoeing. Once we are familiar with the fundamentals, we can start our first tour. Venturing into the winter forest with snow-shoes is truly an amazing experience. Away from the usual trails, you’ll be treated to magical fairytale landscapes. We can include a visit to a traditional Tyrolean mountain hut for an unforgettable experience – however you like.

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Seefeld Golf Academy

Enjoy the benefits of playing golf in Seefeld – from breathing in fresh air to embracing the sporting challenges of 27 fantastic fairways in the Olympic region.

Golf enthusiasts of all levels will love the Seefeld Reith Golf Club – a flat 9-hole parkland course boasting diverse fairways and stunning panoramic views.

At the Seefeld Reith Golf Academy, students have access to a well-equipped practice area, which includes the driving range and a specially designed short game area.

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Crossgolf or mountain golf event

Crossgolf events are perfect for groups of 10 to 60 people, catering to both experienced golfers and those new to the game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll find this form of golf incredibly rewarding. The game takes place in wooded areas, meadows and even on ski slopes that transform into alpine meadows during the summer.

Experience a golf event like no other, set against the backdrop of a professionally designed course and the mesmerising panorama of the Seefeld mountain landscape. You don't need to worry about equipment; rental golf clubs, balls and a golf introduction for newcomers are all included in the price.

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Individual hiking, biking and walking tours

Tailor-made for you!

Let us take care of all the details and create a memorable half or full day tour just for you in our breathtaking Seefeld region – Tyrol's high plateau.

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