condizioni generali di contratto

SPORT AKTIV Leisure, Excercise & Adventure GmbH & Co KG abb. „Skischule SPORT AKTIV“ with Residence at A-6100 Seefeld in Tirol, Gschwandtkopf 702.

1. General

Unless otherwise agreed, our complete Terms & Conditions for any business conducted between Skischule SPORT AKTIV and the client apply. All agreements are only then valid after written confirmation from the Skischule SPORT AKTIV is received.

2. Conclusion of Contract

Reservations for private and group courses can be conducted through our Online-shop, by telephone or per mail or fax. Reservations are then only deemed to have been placed after written confirmation from the Skischule SPORT AKTIV is applied.
Offers from Skischule SPORT AKTIV are subject to change, to which we reserve the right. Our written order confirmations are applied exclusively and are required for the acceptance of  the reservation and the use of services. Oral agreements or agreements made by telephone are only valid after exclusive written confirmation from the Skischule SPORT AKTIV is received.
A contract for reservations made on site (private or group courses) is only then valid after purchase of the necessary course tickets, they are personal and non-transferable. The customer receipt is to be kept and presented, on request, or on any subsequent bookings. The extension of group course tickets at an extra cost of  the difference (service charge additional) is possible after the 3rd day.
Lift passes are not included in the lesson charges (mini courses excluded).

3. Payment


If no other written agreements have been made, the invoice amount for contracts that are concluded via the Internet, fax or other means of distance communication and which concern private or group courses must be paid immediately after receipt of the written order confirmation, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

All fees from completed contracts made on site are to be paid at the respective Ski-School office.

Should payment of invoice not be made by the contracting party, we reserve the right to demand default interest by the application of law.

4. General Participating Terms

It is the responsibility of the contracting party to inform the Skischule SPORT AKTIV of his skills and experience in skiing, to truthfully and to the best of his knowledge agree to being properly informed of the up to date level of ski equipment and technique. He is also responsible of informing the Skischule SPORT AKTIV of his health status and of any general ailments.
The contracting party is required to prompt inspection of all ski equipment (in particular, ski binding) at a professional place of service before lessons begin.
The Skischule SPORT AKTIV will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained before, during or after the lessons. Accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of the contracting party and is recommended.
Course grouping is decided by the Skischule SPORT AKTIV. Should the demotion of a participant be required, the contracting party is responsible for this being followed through. The Skischule SPORT AKTIV is otherwise deemed justified to cancel the contract.
The contracting party is required to follow all instructions given by the Skischule SPORT AKTIV. Disregard to the instructions and cautions as well as participation under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other illegal substances will result in immediate cancellation of contract by the Skischule SPORT AKTIV.
The contracting partner is not entitled to reimbursement of the paid fees in all of the above mentioned.
Should the group course be reduced to 4 persons or less, Skischule SPORT AKTIV reserves the right to re-group or shorten lesson times.

5. Liability Regulations

The Skischule SPORT AKTIV is liable solely for damages directly connected to activities within the Skischule SPORT AKTIV and according to lawful jurisdiction. An appropriate Liability Insurance is in place.
All participants are advised to have appropriate Health-, Accident-, Liability- and Travel Insurance.

6. Warranty

The contracting party is advised to inform the on site office of any complaints immediately, in order for us to redress the situation. Course costs are non-refundable in the event of culpable no show. All claims against the Skischule SPORT AKTIV should be made in writing with statement of reasons and no later than 4 weeks after the arisen events.

7. Withdrawal

Reimbursement of the place of performance purchased group course tickets is only possible in the case of injury or ill health and on presentation of a local Doctors Certificate. The refund or new invoice amount will then be calculated accordingly, taking into consideration the time already used. The total amount can thereby be reduced, the daily rates however could increase. By „no show“ at the arranged time, or withdrawal from an ongoing service, there will be no refund. Course cancellation due to weather conditions will not be refunded.

There are no cancellation charges for purchased place of performance private courses cancelled up until 5pm the day before course begin. Any cancellations after this time will be subject to charges of the with Skischule SPORT AKTIV agreed rates.

The following cancellation conditions are applied for group and private courses purchased in our online shop:

 No charge up to 10 days before course begin

20% cancellation charge between 9 and 3 days before course begin

50% cancellation charge 2 days before course begin

8. Place of Performance

A-6100  Seefeld in Tirol, Gschwandtkopf 702

9. Jurisdiction

All rulings and decisions within this contract or arising conflicts will be solely dealt with by the relevant to Skischule SPORT AKTIV law court.

10.  Governing Law

These Terms & Conditions shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of AUSTRIA.

11. Legal Validity

Should individual Terms or Conditions of this contract prove to be void, this will not affect the effectiveness of other Terms & Conditions and those of the whole legalities. The void Term & Condition is to be replaced by one economically closest.

12. Data Protection

The salesperson is rightfully allowed to use and save the stated data from the purchaser. The salesperson will use the data solely for business with the purchaser.